Are You A Survivor, Sick Of Living In Survival Mode?




How Women Who Have Experienced Childhood Sexual Abuse Can FINALLY Stop Self Medicating And Start Living!

Feeling triggered all day long?

Sick of talking and talking, and nothing changes?

Exhausted trying to figure it all out alone?

The thing is the sexual abuse might have stopped years ago, but if you’re still abusing substances…

… the real problem here is not the substance it’s the perpetuation of abuse.

You know self medicating is self abusive but you can’t seem to stop. 

And how do you live as the “real” you when you’ve never really met her?

Gabor Maté tells us “Any addiction is manifested in any behavior that a person craves, finds temporary relief or pleasure in but suffers negative consequences as a result of, and yet has difficulty giving up.”

You see the substance is irrelevant, whatever you use as an upper, “I just need to keep going” mindset, or a downer, “I just need to take the edge off” mindset – ultimately, it’s the addiction to the end emotional state that matters most.

And so that’s what here at The Resilient Woman we fix.

We reverse engineer the end emotional state you’re addicted to through mindbody rehab so you don’t have to rely on a substance to get you there. 

Essentially, you…

A. Take back control…

And then B. Reclaim ownership of your life, and the direction it’s going in…

(Because you didn’t come this far to only come this far. Let’s clean up the last bit so you can get on with living, really living your life!)

Stuck in the rinse and repeat cycle feeling like there’s no way out?

Ready to get started?

You’ve tried “willpowering” your way through only to feel exhausted fighting through those meltdown moments, and then when you cave in, feel consumed with guilt and self hate which lasts longer than the momentary fix.

You’ve tried talk therapy and it’s only half the picture because yes it has its place, but you know rehashing the painful past to death just keeps you stuck there!

You’re tried to figure it out alone – reading, watching, learning – you’re always on the knowledge acquisition trail. And you know it only adds to yet more over-thinking, over-analysis and over-reflecting.

You’re exhausted going round in circles. Now you want results that actually work in the long run.

Bottom Line…

You want to stop self medicating, and start living! Without going from workshop to course to therapist, hoping each time this is finally going to be the answer, only to be disappointed when you fall off the wagon. AGAIN.

Here’s a crazy question for you:

What if rather than look for yet another solution, you take the cause of the problem away?

Self medicating is your sticking plaster, it’s how you cope with life, if you knew another way you would be doing that, right?

 Self medicating is like pseudo-resilience, it makes you feel like you can function. It masks the emotional rollercoaster, the hyper-reactivity to life triggers, the unpredictability of how you’ll feel one moment to the next…

Why now in 2022, it’s more important than ever to stop self medicating.

Well for starters it’s been a lot. Escapism is much harder than before. Our usual distractions are not available, and our addictions are up close and personal, more so than ever before. We know we can’t hide as easily, so we might as well deal with them. 

We’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. We don’t have the energy to keep it all up anymore. It’s like everything has come to a head. When you’re all talked out, and you’ve drained your willpower resources there’s nowhere left to go.

And let’s be honest we need quick wins so we can see progress, and recalibrate our belief that change is even possible. When you’ve seen yourself fail for the umpteenth time, then more than anything else, you need to restore lost confidence that you can do this.

…and that’s where The Resilient Woman comes in. We give you a series of micro-wins that stack over time, so you can see and feel the momentum from the get-go; think consistency, over massive effort and action.

And the best part is: When you make the impossible, possible, everything changes. Your belief and confidence in yourself will SOAR.

The Resilient Woman

The Roadmap


Step One

Reconnect with lost parts of self, through releasing trauma that sits below cognition. We get stuck energy moving again, and in doing so you regain crazy amounts of energy and vitality to then (and only then) unshackle from self medicating. 


Step Two

Sort out your specific neurotransmitter deficiencies, and then create a bespoke healthy living protocol to ensure you stay on track, and always have a plan ready for possible meltdown moments. We stop that depressing cycle of going back to square one again.


Step Three

When you’ve reconnected the mindbody, and rewired the brain, you have control again. At this stage self medicating has no power over you anymore. And it’s from this place of wholeness – the real you emerges, to reclaim ownership of your life.

Insider Tip

When you learn how to communicate with your body’s wisdom, you don’t have to spend so much time trying to figure everything out.  Think less effort, less drama, more answers, more ease.

With your head, heart and gut all working together 24/7, you don’t have to keep “doing all the work” on yourself – AKA freedom from “personal growth tourism”. You’re just more sure of yourself.

The Resilient Woman
Free Webinar

What’s included:

✓ Why childhood sexual abuse creates mindbody disconnection

✓ Why it’s normal to self medicate the pain of disconnection

✓ Why personal growth work can be a brilliant distraction from actual change

✓ Why willpower and talk therapy are not enough

✓ Why it’s essential to reclaim the body as home again

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The Resilient Woman
The Course

 What’s included:

 121 Personal Development Lab | Online | 6 weeks training | 6 coaching calls | 24/7 coaching support

Body Wisdom

  • How you adapted to survive what you went through. We dig deep into understanding the real role of self medicating (and why it’s not simply to numb out).
  • How you get addicted to your patterns – and crave familiar thoughts and feelings (that keep you stuck in a loop).
  • How your body holds the abuse, and how to unlock and diffuse the somatic memory of trauma – and in doing so release more get-up and go energy into your system.

Biohacking 101 

  • How to swap out the model of self medicating for the model of Biohacking, and in doing so repurpose control in a healthy way!
  • How to co-create a bespoke healthy living protocol, that’s as dynamic and evolving as you are. This sets you up for life, as something you can always lean on for support, and structure.
  • How brain neurotransmitters work, so we can get super clear on why you crave what you crave, and how we fix it.


  • How to work with altered states of consciousness, in order to maintain freedom from cravings.
  • How to roadtest new behaviors to old triggers, and finetune self care practices so they feel robust to lean on.
  • How to live from true wholeness, embracing this raw and real you, we figure out what’s your next life chapter. What does life on your terms look like NOW? 

We are a one stop shop combining mindbody rehab tools and techniques, curated with one thing in mind, to finally quit self medicating – for good.

The Resilient Woman

The Journey

The journey is one of traveling from resistance to resilience. What I mean by that is transitioning from resisting who you really are to living in the depth of the container of who you really are.

And if that sounds a little too woo for you, let me break it down…


Resistance To Life

During abuse we resist who we are, because it’s too painful to live in the body. We disassociate, disconnect, and detach from our body, so we take refuge in the head. We live in fantasies, in stories. Anywhere but here, in our body. Indeed, our house can feel more like home than our body.


Retreat From Life

Enter self medicating protocols, because they over-stimulate the mind and numb out the body, it’s why self medicating is so seductive, it feels protective. It mimics connection because it feels supportive, yet we’ve shut down and disconnected from our inner messenger system.


Resilience In Life

The thing is we don’t want to not feel anything, true resilience is feeling everything.When we reconnect and integrate the mind and body, we feel alive, connected, present and engage the body rather than shut it down. It’s the journey home to who we always knew we were.

I’m no different to you.  To keep getting results, and to keep growing, I still work The Resilient Woman process on myself every day…

Hi I’m Gemma

I help women who were sexually abused as children stop self medicating and start living! 

I am a Certified Human Potential Coach, Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher, and Breath4Life TM Breathwork and Reiki Practitioner. I’ve been working in the field of Somatics for 10+ years, alongside running a marketing business, and prior to that in finance. 

I have had a bit of a multi-hyphen career, and so draw my content from multiple disciplines, hence why I like to think of myself as less of a teacher, more of a knowledge broker  – sharing a bunch of tools and techniques that have been roadtested to death so I know they get results for me and my clients.

You can find out more about my corporate life here

 I was sexually abused from around 6yrs to 12yrs old, culminating in a breakdown, and when I surfaced from that it was a case of everything looked fine on the outside, but inside I was a mess. I relied on my support system of booze, unwanted meds and excessive caffeine for many years to numb the shame, guilt, disgust and desperation, until I got to a point where I just thought this is shit, there has to be more to life than just trying to keep it all together. 

I had this feeling I wasn’t really alive and living, because I numbed out all the bad stuff, but also all the good stuff. I’ve had so many amazing life experiences that I was never really there for, not properly. I’m sure you can relate?

Not to mention the real work started when I stopped looking for solutions to self medicating. I realized I relied on booze, meds and caffeine because it was the only way I knew how to function “normally”. I wasn’t self medicating to get high, I was self medicating to cope day to day. I worked instead on reverse engineering why I craved what I craved, what result it gave me, and how to mimic that in healthier ways, all the while draining the emotional addictions perpetuating the rinse and repeat cycle, one by one nailing each and every substance dependency I had created.

So let’s recap…

When you walk away from The Resilient Woman, you’ll have…

 ✓ Released years of trauma held within the Mindbody

Feel in control again, so your version of self medicating has no power over you anymore – even in highly triggering situations! It just doesn’t do anything for you anymore.

✓ Know how to safely feel and face all of life without needing to “take the edge off” EVER AGAIN! 🙂

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So, in a nutshell…

The Resilient Woman is all about reconnecting the body, and rewiring the brain, to recover the real you. Because when you free yourself from the cycle of abuse and reabuse through addiction, you feel a level of resilience that is hard to put into words (but I’ll try)….


Physical Resilience

You have more energy and vitality to fuel life. Period.


Mental Resilience

You have less head noise, so make better decisions.


Emotional Resilience

You feel everything now, but without the overwhelm.


Spiritual Resilience

You trust yourself and life. Everything feels easier. 

If you’ve read this far but wondering if your abuse and addiction issues are “bad enough” to need help. They are. Or you wouldn’t be here.

You deserve to be free…